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Candy Depositor: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all your questions on candy depositor machine.

So before investing in a new candy making machine, read this guide.

What Is A Candy Depositor?

A candy depositor is an electromechanical device that you will use to deposit confectionery candy accurately.

A Candy Depositor

A Candy Depositor

It has unique features that will enable the successful pouring and forming of candy ingredients to form candy.

How Much Does A Candy Depositor Cost?

The cost of purchasing a candy depositor usually ranges between 5000 to 60,000 US dollars. The cost varies because of several different factors, including:

  • Type of candy depositor you intend to purchase
  • Level of automation or technology on the candy depositor
  • Size

You must have a sufficient budget that will cover the cost of purchase and the installation and integration.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Candy Depositor?

Candy depositors come complete with numerous parts that facilitate their normal functions. Here are some of the most significant parts of the candy depositor.

Candy Depositor At A Food Processing Plant

Candy Depositor At A Food Processing Plant

Heated Hopper

The candy depositor has a huge heated hopper that is capable of receiving the ingredient feed. It will maintain the candy-making ingredients at a particular temperature, i.e.,  molten state.

Shot Size Control

The machine has a shot size control system that you can easily adjust to deposit various sizes of candy deposits into molds.

Depositing Nozzles

Candy depositors also have nozzles of different sizes that work in conjunction with the shot size control system.

The nozzles are responsible for controlling the number of deposits that the machine provides on the molds.

Heated Panels

The heated panels are responsible for maintaining the temperatures of candy-making slurry all through the entire process. It maintains the temperatures of the ingredients to allow them to flow uniformly.

Electric Unit

Candy depositors have an electric unit that supports and controls all the operations within the machine.

Safety Units

The machine also has safety systems such as sensors that detect malfunctions and send reports automatically.

This unit is responsible for keeping the candy depositor and its operators within a safe working mode.

Control Panel

The candy depositor has a control panel complete with a human-machine interface for configuration.

Apart from that, it has a touch screen that allows you to monitor the entire operations of the candy depositing process.

Molding Station

The machine also has a molding station with molds of varying sizes and shapes. The molding station is responsible for the formation of candy into various forms and shapes.

How Do You Select A Candy Depositor?

Shopping for the right candy depositor is easy with the knowledge of some specifications in mind.

You will look at the general machine specifications and technical abilities that your process requires before choosing.

Here are the factors to consider:-

Dimensions Of The Machine

You need to understand the right size of the candy depositor that you need. You will look at the machine’s dimensions in terms of weight, length, width, and height of the machine.

Depositing Capacity

You will look at the production capacity regarding how much the candy depositing machine can deposit per minute. The depositing capacity must also match the production capacity of the entire process machine line.

Type Of Materials

Here, you will be looking at the durability and sanitary specifications of the candy depositor. In other words, you should choose a candy depositor with strong and easy-to-clean materials.

Power Specifications

Make sure that the candy depositor’s power requirements are in line with the electric supply specifications.

Different regions have different power configurations, and the machine must adhere to this rule.

Temperature Regulations

In this case, you will look at the capabilities of the machine to regulate different temperature ratings.

Look at the maximum temperature capabilities that the machine can support comfortably without causing ultimate risks.

How Does A Candy Depositor Work?

Here is a step-by-step process that details the entire process of how the candy depositor works.

Preparation Of The Machine And Ingredients

  1. First, you must ensure that the candy depositor is appropriately calibrated and is ready to work.
  2. You must also ensure that the syrup you intend to deposit using the candy depositor is ready.
  3. The syrup contains a homogenous mixture of all the ingredients you intend to deposit. It is made at an earlier stage using different auxiliary machines such as the melting and mixing tank.
  4. The process begins with feeding syrup from the melting and mixing tank into the hopper of the candy depositor.
  5. Remember that you must configure the candy depositor according to your required depositing specifications at the control panel.

Transportation Of Ingredients

  1. Once the syrup is within the hopper, you will allow it to flow. The machine has heated panels that will maintain the temperature of the syrup as it flows.
  2. It will go through different nozzles of specific sizes, which will deposit it into different molds.
  3. The machine will control the depositing process using the shot size control unit, thus allowing specific quantities to flow.

Molding Stage

  1. Afterward, the syrup flows into the mold that will shape it into various forms to make the confectionery candy.
  2. The process continues with the drying and cooling of the candy to solidify it.
  3. Finally, you can remove them from the mold and pass them through other processes such as cleaning and sorting.
  4. The entire process ends with the delivery of the candy to the packaging machine for proper packaging.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Candy Depositor?

Candy depositors come with plenty of benefits that you will automatically enjoy. Some of the main advantages of using the candy depositor are:-

Increase In Speed Of Production

Due to the automatic nature of the machine, you will be able to increase the speed of depositing candy. This will translate to an overall increment in the rate of producing confectionery candy.

Reliable And Efficient

You can rely on the efficiency of the candy depositing machine to deposit the right quantities of candy without any hassles. This is large because they are reliable and will not fail during the production process.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

It has a clean in place system that will automatically get rid of the debris from the machine. Moreover, maintaining the machine is also relatively low as the spare parts are readily available.

High Durability Levels

Candy depositors are highly durable and will serve you for a very long time if you maintain them well. They are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel, which have very high tensile strength and do not corrode easily.

How Do You Optimize The Candy Depositing Process?

To increase the rate and efficiency with which the candy depositor works, you have to optimize the machine. You can do that by enhancing particular features of the machine, which include:

Adding Finishing Touches

Since the depositing technique allows for adding more ingredients, you can explore that and add a finishing touch. One of the finishing touches you can add includes the coating of the confectionery candy with sugar.

Improve Packaging Technology

You should also incorporate the whole candy-making process with new ideas, such as improving the packages. In this case, you can integrate the machine with other machines, such as the candy packaging machine.

Maintaining The Machine Regularly

You must also perform proper maintenance on the machine regularly to ensure adequate and optimum working conditions.

Programming The Machine

It is also vital that you program the machine to its optimum working specifications. These specifications will command the machine to work in the most appropriate of ways during the depositing process.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Candy Depositor?

Candy depositors may pose a few challenges during the production process. You can, however, overcome the limitations or challenges by having a proper plan.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using the candy depositor.

High Cost of Acquisition And Installation

Since you are looking for the best, you must prepare a considerable budget to get the best machine. The cost of purchasing the candy depositor is usually high, coupled with the complicated installation process.

Sticking Of Ingredients Onto The Surfaces

You may also experience scenarios where the ingredients adhere or stick to the walls of the candy depositor.

You can solve this by adequately analysing the ingredient mixing rates and adding additional ingredients such as starch.

How Many Flavours Of Candy Can You Deposit Using The Candy Depositor?

There are no limitations in the type of candy you can deposit using the depositing machine. This means that you can have any flavour of candy that you want and produce it using the candy depositor.

Which Equipment Can You Integrate With The Candy Depositor?

You will need the support of other equipment in the candy-making process to have a complete production line. Here are some of the equipment that you will need to make a complete production line:-

Candy Cleaning Machine

This machine will get rid of any form of debris from the finished products and leave them clean. It has brushes in constant rotation mode to clean and get rid of the debris from the candy.

Sorting Machine

You will need the sorting machine to help sort out the candy into various shapes and sizes or assortments.

Candy Sorting Machine

Candy Sorting Machine

Counting Machine

The candy counting machine will help in determining the number of candies to package in every bag.

An Efficient Candy Counting Machine

An Efficient Candy Counting Machine

Packaging Machine

This machine will ensure that you package candy in the most efficient of ways, thus limiting perishability.

Candy Packaging Machine

Candy Packaging Machine

Additive Blender System

You will need the additive blender systems’ services to help add more ingredients to the process.

Oiling Drum

The oiling drum is the device that will add a polishing agent such as food-grade oil to the candy.

How Do You Maintain A Candy Depositor?

The maintenance process of the candy depositor is one of the sure ways of increasing its durability. You can maintain the machine by:-

Cleaning The Machine Regularly

You must have a proper cleaning schedule that you must follow to the letter. You can also program the machine to clean itself after specific durations using the clean-in-place system.

Lubricating The Moving Parts

You must also ensure that the moving parts are soft through proper lubrication using different types of oil.

Replacing The Broken Parts

The machine might indeed have particular parts that will degenerate as time passes by. You must ensure that you inspect, identify and replace the broken parts regularly.

How Do You Test The Quality Of A Candy Depositor?

Testing of the candy depositor will begin from the factory level, where you will check every detail.

Most manufacturers start the quality control process straight from the time they acquire the materials.

It continues through the production process of the machine to the final delivery stage.

At the delivery stage, you must conduct quality inspection services through the following processes.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

While at the factory, you will inspect the machine alongside the manufacturer to ensure it is working correctly. After that, the manufacturer will issue you a FAT certificate to ensure the machine is of the right quality.

Installation Qualification Test

As soon as the installation of the machine on-site is complete, you must also conduct another quality test. You will receive another certificate which is the IQ certificate that will guarantee successful inspection.

Operational Qualification Tests

Finally, you must put the machine to work and monitor every production aspect of the product specifications.

In case all is well and according to the proper specifications, you will get the OQ certificate confirming that all is well.

How Do You Troubleshoot The Candy Depositor?

You need to troubleshoot your candy depositor to help you identify the source of certain malfunctions.

Here are some of the problems you might encounter after troubleshooting the machine:-

Sticking Of Candy

This might happen due to the adhesive nature of the candy.

Solution: – You can sprinkle starch on the candy, which will keep them from sticking to the others.

Failure To Bloom

The candy may also fail to bloom because of insufficient ingredients such as water for mixing the ingredients.

Solution: – Sort this out by adding enough water to the ingredients.

Ununiformed Shapes And Sizes

This happens when the molding process is inconsistent with the proper production specifications.

Solution: In that case, you should consider fixing the molding system or adjusting the control panel’s product specification.

What Are The Emerging Technologies In The Candy Depositing Process?

Candy depositors deposit a wide range of confectionery candy, including gummies.

In the case for gummies, there is one particular technology that is taking over.

The technology involves the use of a gummy depositing and molding mogul.

A Machine For Making Starch Mould Gummies

Machine For Making Starch Mould Gummies

These molds are made out of different materials such as metal, silicon, rubber, and even plastic.

It increases the time of drying the gummy candy from hours to just a few minutes.

This will lead to an increase in the rate of producing gummy candy within a short period.

Gummy Moulds made From Rubber

A Gummy Mold Made Out Of Rubber

How Do You Prevent Cross-contamination On The Candy Depositor?

You can prevent cross-contamination on the candy depositor by ensuring the machine is of high quality.

To do so, check to ensure that the machine adheres to the right quality standards, especially the good manufacturing practices.

Also, the materials on the candy depositor must have FDA approvals to increase and assure high sanitization levels.

Do You Have Semi-automatic Candy Depositors?

Yes, we do. We have the candy depositor in the semi-automatic mode.

This machine is capable of depositing candy with very minimal assistance of human oversight.

In other words, for semi-automatic candy depositors, all the operations are not fully automatic, and human insight input must be available.

A Semi Automatic Candy Depositor For Gummies and Lollipops

A Semi Automatic Candy Depositor For Lollipop And Gummies

Which Materials Are The Candy Depositors Constructed From?

We use the best material to construct the candy depositors, i.e., stainless steel.

Stainless steel has very high tensile strength and maintains perfect stability for the entire machine.

Since it does not corrode, you are sure of having a sanitary candy depositing process. It is also very easy to clean and does not stain. This eliminates the possibility of permanent stains.

What Is The Depositing Capacity Of The Candy Depositor?

There is no specific depositing capacity of the candy depositor.

The depositing capacity of the depositor will vary according to the type of candy depositor, i.e., automatic or semi-automatic.

A fully automatic candy depositor has a higher depositing capacity than a semi-automatic machine.

What Are The Main Applications Of The Candy Depositor?

You can use the candy depositor in quite a several industrial applications, including:

Food Processing Industry

Here, you will use the candy depositor to help in the production process of confectionaries, e.g., gummies and candy.

Medical Industry

You will also need the candy depositor in the medical industry to help make gummies with medical ingredients.

An Automatic Vitamin Gummy Making Machine

An Automatic Vitamin Gummy Making Machine

What Do The Candy Depositors Ship With?

Candy depositors ship with auxiliary equipment essential to the depositing process and how the machine itself works. These may include:-

  1. A spare O-ring service pack.
  2. An aluminum pallet carrier.
  3. Stainless steel balls.
  4. A stainless steel XL size hopper with a cover.
  5. 40mm L nozzles.
  6. Six-piston assemblies.

What Is The Difference Between Automatic Candy Depositor And Semi-automatic Line Candy Depositor?

A fully automatic candy depositor deposits candy without any human oversight whatsoever.

But for semi-automatic candy depositors, all the operations are not fully automated, and human insight input must be available.

Because of this, the automatic candy depositor is faster than the semi-automatic one.

What Are The Classifications Of Candy Depositors?

Candy depositors are classified under two categories, i.e.,

  • Semi-automatic candy depositors
  • Fully automatic candy depositors

A Fully Automatic Candy Depositor

Automatic Candy Depositor

What Are The Techniques In Candy Depositors?

Numerical Control Technique

  1. It ensures dynamic and accurate depositing.
  2. It has a one-time fixed position with a series of continuous deposits.
  3. It also has different divisions of nozzle lifting functions.

Precise Depositing Technique

  1. It has precise and accurate control of flow at a minimum of 0.01g.
  2. The variable depositing is also accurate.
  3. The piston system has a design that cannot leak.

Modular Technique

  1. This technique has a perfect configuration of the production line without limits.
  2. It can quickly shift the machine’s functions due to its flexibility.
  3. The production line is adjustable according to the length of the workshop.
  4. You can achieve this by turning the production line.

What Are The Modes Of Candy Depositing?

Many candies are produced through three generic modes, i.e., high milk, cream, or clear candy. They are usually cooked to a final moisture content ranging between 3% to 2.5%.

Clear Candy Depositing Mode

This mode is typically used to produce fruit-flavoured candies that are coloured. It can also accommodate clear mint candies and layered candies. Your process can produce clear, liquid center filled or solid candies.

High Milk Or Milk boil Candy Depositing Mode

As the name suggests, confectionaries produced in this mode have very high milk content. They could also have rich caramel flavours. The perk with this mode is that you can fill the candies with soft caramel or real chocolate.

Cream Candy Depositing Mode

This mode produces candy with at least five percent cream and is relatively popular in the market today. Such candies act as a base for both cream and fruit candies.

Is There A Difference Between Candy Depositor And Chocolate Depositor?

Yes, there is a difference between both. A candy depositor is an electromechanical device that you will use to deposit confectionery candy accurately.

It has unique features that will enable the successful pouring and forming of candy ingredients to form candy.

A chocolate depositor, on the other hand, pours and forms chocolates.

A Chocolate Depositor

A Chocolate Depositor

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