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Blister Cartoning Line

This Blister Cartoning Line can be widely used for packing different size of capsule,tablet and solid products(Alu-PVC/Alu-Alu)blister packing and cartoning. Production speed is up to 100 cartons/min.

  • Line Number: 15012
  • Automation: Automatic, In-Line
  • Max Output: Up to 100 Cartons/min
  • Staff Needed: 2

Machines Included:

  • Blister Packing Machine,
  • Cartoning Machine.

Blister Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn all the vital aspects of blister cartooning machines such as features, parts, working principles, uses, and many more.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Blister Cartoning Machine?

Blister cartooning machine is an automatic machine that you will use in the packaging of solid products, capsules, and tablets.

It helps in packaging tablets and capsules among products in blister packages before a secondary carton package.

What are the Benefits of Using a Blister Pack?

Blister Packaging

 Blister packaging

There are quite a number of benefits that you can enjoy from using the blister cartoning machine.

Here are the main advantages of using the blister packaging machine:

  • Maintains Integrity of the Product

You will rest easy knowing the products within blister and carton packages are safe and will not expire till due date.

It is also capable of maintaining the original composition of the products as it protects it from mechanical damage.

  • Tamper Proof

You will know in case there is an interference with the blister carton because of its tamper proof properties.

This will help in keeping you safe as you should avoid using any product that has the seal on the package broken.

  • Cost Effective Packaging

Blister cartoning is a very cost-effective packaging process in comparison to other types of blister packaging.

Apart from that, it makes branding and marketing simple as you can easily print the product details on the carton.

  • Maintains Dose Accuracy

It is also very easy to maintain accuracy in terms of dosages as particular packages have specific drug dosages.

It will help in reducing cases of accidental overdose as you can keep track of how to take your drugs.

  • Ease of Identification

You can also identify a particular product just by looking at the carton package which has all the product overview details.

What is the Average Speed of the Blister Cartoning Machine?

The speed of the blister packaging machine will vary according to the type of machine you are using.

Fully automatic blister cartoning equipment have very high cartoning speeds.

On average, a blister cartoning machine can work at an advanced speed of 100 cartons in a minute.

Why Do You Need a Blister Cartoning Machine?

You need a blister cartoning machine to enclose the blister package in a carton.

Enclosing the blister package is the overall reason among others which include:

Blister carton packaging

Blister carton packaging

  • Protecting the Product

You will be protecting the blister packages using the carton from external interferences thus maintaining its integrity.

  • Ease of Transporting the Product

Packaging and arranging the products in cartons make it very easy for you to transport them from one place to another.

  • Saves Time

You need the blister cartoning machine to package the blister packages into cartons at a very high speed.

It will save you a lot of time when you get the work done very fast using the blister cartoning machine.

  • Handles Different Products

The blister cartoning machine will carton any product as long as it is in the blister package.

It allows you to securely handle different types of products and package them in different sizes of cartons.

Which Factors Should You Consider Before You Purchase a Blister Cartoning Machine?

When purchasing the blister cartoning machine, you have to look at specific features.

Here are the main factors that you need to take into proper consideration.

 Blister carton packaging machine

Blister carton packaging machine

  • Safety of the Blister Cartoning Machine

You should consider purchasing a machine that is safe for you to use with sensors that can automatically shut it down.

  • Production Capacity of the Machine

You must also look at the average cartoning capacity of the machine you intend to purchase.

It must be able to handle your production requirements and even more in case you increase the production capacity.

  • Additional Machining Equipment

Here, you will look at the ease with which you can integrate the blister cartoning machine with other machines.

  • Degree of Automation

In the current society, going for a fully automatic cartoning machine makes more sense in comparison to a semi-automatic machine.

You should, therefore, consider going for a fully automatic machine even though it might cost you more.

  • Type of Product to Package

Finally, you must also look at the application of the blister cartoning machine and choose a machine that can handle many products.

What are the Main Parts of a Blister Cartoning Machine?

The blister cartoning machine will also work best with the help of every part on the entire system.

Here are the main parts of the machine that you will have a look at:

· Control Segment or Panel

You will use the control segment or panel to program the blister cartoning machine to different production specifications.

· Electric Panel and Electric Motors

The electric panel is responsible for controlling the power that runs the blister cartoning machine.

· Lubrication System

The lubrication system will provide oil or grease in all the moving parts to prevent corrosion and excess friction.

· Carton Tooling System

The tooling system of the blister cartoning machine will determine the sizes and shapes of the cartons.

It will cut and shape them in accordance to the right specifications as on the control panel of the machine.

· Ink-Jet Printers

The ink-jet printers are responsible for printing the cartons with the product details to improve its identity.

· Safety System

The safety system comes complete with sensors among other things for enhancing the safety of the blister cartoning machine.

· Transport System

The transport system is a combination of rollers, guide rails, and conveyor systems that move products through different stations.

How Does the Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine Work?


Automatic blister cartoning machines begin the cartoning process from the empty carton store room.

The machine will pick or suction the cartons from the store room one after the other.

As it picks the cartons, it feeds them to the folding station where the machine will fold them.

Remember that, at the beginning of the production process, there was the programming of the machine.

At this stage, the tooling system will respond to the program from the control panel.

It will fold the cartons according to the shape and size of carton that you need.

After that the machine will seal the sides of the carton using glue depending on the type of carton.

The machine will them move the cartons on the conveyor belt to the product fitting stage.

Once it reaches the product fitting stage, it will meet with the products from the blister packaging machines.

It will then insert the blister packages into the cartons and then close the entrance.

The final stage involves proper printing of the carton so as to improve its identity.

What is the Difference Between the Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine?

Well, the main difference is in the ease of operating the machines and the speed of operating the machines.

Semi-automatic machines work at a fairly high speed in comparison to the fully automatic blister cartoning machines.

Fully automatic blister cartoning machines work at a very high speed in comparison to the semi-automatic blister packaging machine.

Apart from that, you will also find it easy to operate the fully automatic blister cartoning machine.

You will not require additional human labor to help in the operations of the fully automatic blister cartoning machine.

You might have to hire additional labor to help in the operation of the semi-automatic blister cartoning machine.

What are the Advantages of Using the Semi-Automatic Blister Cartoning Machines?

You should note that the semi-automatic blister cartoning machine has plenty of benefits which include:

  • Low Cost of Acquisition

You will spend less in the purchase of the semi-automatic blister packaging machine.

Due to the semi-automatic nature, it will cost less to manufacture thus the low prices.

  • Works at a Fairly High Speed

The semi-automatic blister packaging machine works at a fairly high speed thus saving on production time.

Despite the fact that they are not as fast as fully-automatic blister cartoning machine, they save on time.

  • Perfect for different Product Sizes

You can easily manipulate the tooling system to carton different sizes of blister cartons for different products.

  • Ergonomic Design

Semi-automatic blister cartoning machines have an ergonomic design with guards around it to increase its stability.

High stability levels coupled with sensors increases the safety of the semi-automatic blister cartoning machine.

How Do the Continuous and Intermittent Automatic Blister Cartoning Machines Compare?

 Cartoning machine

 Cartoning machine

Continuous automatic blister cartoning machines are responsible for high-speed cartoning of blister packages.

It deals with blister packages that are easy to handle thus the high speed of cartoning.

On the other hand, the intermittent automatic blister cartoning machines are slower by around 150 times.

This is because it takes a lot of time to take the cartons through all the cartoning stages.

It is suitable for cartoning blister packages that have more complicated features.

What is a Vertical Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine?

The vertical automatic lister cartoning machine works by introducing the products in a vertical position.

It is most suitable for blister packaging by arranging the blister packages in a vertical position.

What are the Advantages of Using the Vertical Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine?

When you choose the vertical blister cartoning machine, here are the benefits you will enjoy.

  • It has robust as well as simple format changes for easy blister packaging
  • It has two working principles which include the intermittent and vertical blister cartoning systems
  • It has better and more accessible working station for the operators.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain due to the open structure of the machine.
  • You can easily customize the machine to fit your specific production specifications.

What is a Horizontal Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine?

It is similar to the vertical blister cartoning machine except that the horizontal machine uses stacks of blanks.

It introduces products through the lateral drawer and sucks it through the blister packaging process.

Which Features Should You Consider Looking at In the Horizontal Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine?

When shopping for the horizontal blister cartoning machine, you can either have the manual or auto loading system.

Apart from that, it must have a design that will easily allow you to adjust the conveyor system.

It must be easy to operate with simple materials such as glue, tuck closures and tuck in flaps.

How Does an Online and Offline Blister Cartoning Machine Compare?

Online blister cartoning machines will automatically package the products immediately on the production line.

It does not wait for the products to be stored for further processing and final cartoning.

On the other hand, offline blister cartoning machines work by packaging the products after production.

In other words, the cartoning will occur later after completion of the production of the particular products.

Are there Limitations of Using the Blister Cartoning Machine?

Unfortunately, there are particular limitations that come with using the blister cartoning machine.

It is usually very costly to acquire, install, and initiate the entire blister cartoning machine.

You might also need extra personnel to assist with other activities thus increasing cost of production.

You cannot move the machine around after installation because it is heavy and fragile.

What are the Main Features of the High-Speed Blister Cartoning Machine?

Just from the name you can definitely note that the high-speed blister cartoning machine work at high speeds.

It works continuously with the ability of packaging about 370 blister cartons in a minute.

You can integrate the machine with other machines to enhance the cartoning process of the machine.

It is fully automatic and allows you to operate it independently of the other integrated equipment.

Do You Supply Blister Cartoning Machines with Tamper Proof Capabilities?

Absolutely, we supply blister cartoning machines that make cartons with tamper-proof capabilities.

Implying that, you can easily know when the seal on the carton is broken and avoid using the content.

What is the Modification Process of Carton Specifications in the Blister Cartoning Machine?

Cartoning machine

 Cartoning machine

The modification process of carton specifications in blister cartoning machines involves customization of the machine.

Here, you will have to come up with personal specifications for your custom blister cartoning machine.

Some of the details that you will provide include:

  • Level of automation
  • Production capacity
  • Speed of production
  • Types of materials to use
  • Dimensions of the machine
  • Design of the machine among other key details.

What is the Essence of Operating the Pneumatic System Before Powering the Blister Cartoning Machine?

The pneumatic system will pump enough pressure to the entire system to enable smooth operations of the machine.

As soon as you power the blister cartoning machine, the process will proceed smoothly with minimal interruptions.

How Will You Handle a Malfunction in the Electrical Control System of the Blister Cartoning Machine?

As soon as you realize there is a problem with the electrical system, you will shut down the machine.

After that, you will proceed with the help of an electrician to fix or replace the fault.

After that, you will perform a test on the broken and repaired part before powering the machine back on.

Why Should you Set the Motor, Manual, Feeding and Sucking Tray Sensors to Zero?

It is important to set the motor, manual, feeding and sucking tray sensors to zero.

The sensors need to be on the zero mark as an indication that the machine is not a threat.

In case of potential danger, the machine sensors will automatically adjust position as an indication of danger.

Apart from that the sensors need to be at zero as an indication that no operation is going on.

As soon as the operations begin, the sensors will pick their respective positions.

These positions will be an indication that the machines are working well with not malfunctions.

What are Some of the Common Malfunctions in the Blister Cartoning Machine?

The blister cartoning machine may experience a couple of problems during the production process.

Some of the malfunctions you might can across include:

  • Poor Stability of Machine

It usually occurs after operating the machine for a long time at very high speeds.

You can sort it out by using the servo system that facilitates a smooth process of production.

  • Air Leakage or Blockage

You might have air clog or leak at the sucker tube which you can unclog or replace the sucker tubings accordingly.

  • Mispositioned Vacuum System

You can also have the vacuum system in the wrong position due to lose ends.

You will have to do a complete overhaul of the entire system and then place it in the right position.

  • Aging Suckers

In this case, you will replace the aging suckers with new suckers.

Which Industries Use the Blister Cartoning Machine?

You can use the blister cartoning machine in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry to package biscuits and pastries among others
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Chemical Industry

How Much Does the Blister Cartoning Machine Cost?

The blister cartoning machine will vary in terms of cost due to variation in types.

Fully automatic blister cartoning machines will cost more than the semi-automatic blister cartoning machine.

The price of the blister cartoning machine varies between 12,000 to 150, 000 US dollars.

What are the Features of a CBC Blister Packing Machine with HAPA Aluminum Foil Printer?

This is a fully automatic machine that is capable of printing information about the product on the blister packages.

You will have the details about the products in the blister packages on the foil materials.

It also has a high production speed with the capability of producing 100 cartons or more in a minute.

Apart from that, it has an accurate and very precise blister packaging criterion with very minimal mistakes.

If you are looking for the best blister cartooning machines, SaintyCo offers perfect options for your packaging solutions.

Contact us now for the best prices on the blister cartooning machine.

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