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Biscuit Making Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Biscuit making machine is a piece of electromechanical equipment used for forming the dough into various designs, shapes, and sizes of biscuit products.

In some instances, it is referred to as biscuit forming equipment.

This guide explains different aspects surrounding biscuit-making machines, which are imperative to any interested investor or user.Biscuit Making Machine

Therefore, by the end of this article, you’ll obtain sufficient information and in-depth knowledge about numerous elements of this machine.

Let’s dive right in:

What Are The Salient Features Of Biscuit Making Machine?

 biscuit making machine

biscuit making machine

An ordinary biscuit forming machine features a wide range of technical specifications depending on the particular model and design.

Essentially, these features are vital since they enhance the safety, reliability, efficiency, and operational elements of this equipment.

The salient features of this unit, nevertheless, include the following;

  • Sanitary standard stainless steel base framing construction
  • Adjustable electric control for precise positioning of the dough
  • Automatic stacking function with several selection options based on your preferred requirement
  • Flexible mechanical design enabling convenient and independent operation of each link
  • Ultra-accurate intelligent PLC control for reliable and steady performance
  • Adopted accurate and user-friendly PLC color touch screen control
  • Automatic thermo-control ability
  • Implausible versatility – Can form different biscuits sizes and shapes simultaneously

What Is The Structural Composition Of Biscuit Making Machine?

Biscuit manufacturing equipment is made of different unique parts and components.

Each part plays a role in ensuring this machine runs efficiently and makes the biscuits accordingly.

However, the structural composition of this device tends to vary based on the specific model.

For instance, a custom unit may have additional parts that may not be available in a standard design.

Nonetheless, here are the main parts, which make biscuit making equipment;


This is an electrical device installed in the machine to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Different biscuit making machines come with various motors of different sizes based on machine’s capacity.


It is the component designed for holding and feeding different biscuit making ingredients into the machine for further processing.

Often, this part is usually funnel-shaped or cylindrical and normally raised slightly high to facilitate seamless movement of ingredients into the machine.

Mixing Tank

This is the part of this machine where the ingredients and other raw materials are mixed to form a uniform solution.

Ideally, many mixing tanks in biscuit making machines also serve as heating units for melting the raw materials at a set temperature.

Cooling Conveyor

This component features a cooling system for mitigating excess heat from the processed ingredients in the production line.

Sandwich Pump

It is the component that controls the air system in the machine by forcing the materials to move to respective processing stations.

Control Unit

This is a panel containing a PLC control screen used for displaying, regulating, and monitoring various automated parameters of the machine.

It features various language settings making it easy to switch to a preferred one for better understanding and control.

Molding Unit/ Filling Machine

It is the part of the machine where the biscuits are shaped, sized to attain the required design.

Electric Unit

It is the component featuring all the electrical parts that drive the various functions of the machine.

Drying Unit

It is a relatively elongated panel designed to remove excess moisture from the formed biscuits and allowing them to attain desired temperature.


These are the modules, subsystems, or devices that actuate various functionalities, changes, or adjustments in the machine.

Dividing Equipment

It organizes the formed biscuits into various rows depending on the machine setting.

This component is made of star wheel drive and transmission chain drive.

How Does Biscuit Making Machine Work?

The working principle of a typical biscuit forming equipment is quite straightforward.

However, it is important to note that the basic steps such as flour pretreatment and dough preparation are crucial in attaining best results.

Once this equipment is set, the feeding trough rollers and die rollers are rotated under the driving gear.

The ingredients inside the dough bucket fall by the weight of trough rollers into biscuit concave mold located at the surface of the two rolls.

A separate scrapper under the two sticks craps off the superfluous ingredients outside the die crumb receiving tray.

At this point, this process takes place along the curvature direction of the hollow roller.

As the hollow roller rotates, the die containing cake blank gets into the demolding stage.

The rubber demolding roller depends on its deformation function, and this enables it to press the rough canvas demolding belt tightly on cake’s embryo bottom.

Contact surfaces produce a greater adsorption force than contact bonding force between cake embryo and die’s smooth inner surface.

Ultimately, the biscuit smooth embryo is removed from the die and moved to raw embryo conveyor belt from canvas film belt.

What Are The Benefits Of Biscuit Making Machine?

This machine provides a wide range of benefits in the overall biscuit making industry, making it an ideal investment.

Some of these benefits are as follows;

  • Ensures you attain increased production volume in any cycle of biscuit manufacturing, and this increases the overall turnover.
  • This equipment is user-friendly and does not necessarily require specialized knowledge to operate it.
  • It is made from high-quality material that can endure different harsh operational and environmental conditions without wearing it out.
  • Guarantees faster turnaround, particularly when producing various biscuit product designs.

In essence, it reduces unnecessary interruption and cost but increases output.

  • Most parameters of this machine are automated into a user-friendly human-machine interface through the PLC screen.

It makes it easy to regulate and monitor the various operations.

  • It offers incredible versatility since you can use it to make different designs and types of biscuit products without changing main parts.
  • The base material of this machine is hygienic and easy to maintain, thus guarantee clean handling of the products.
  • Running cost of operating this machine is quite low since it is easy to maintain and rarely requires human intervention.

What Are The Types Of Biscuit Making Machine Available In The Market?

A typical biscuit forming machine can make different types of biscuit products such as the following;

  • Crispy biscuit

crispy biscuit making machine

crispy biscuit making machine

  • Sandwich biscuit

sandwich biscuit making machine

sandwich biscuit making machine

  • Hard biscuit

hard biscuit making machine

hard biscuit making machine

  • Soft biscuit

soft biscuit making machine

soft biscuit making machine

  • Soda biscuit
  • Bear biscuit
  • Scones
  • Rolled biscuit
  • Drop biscuits

drop biscuit making machine

drop biscuits making machine

  • Shortcakes
  • Cookies

cookies making machine

Cookies making machine

What It The Suitable Material For Making Biscuit Making Machine?

In essence, normal biscuit-making equipment is made of different parts and components.

All these components are made from different materials depending on the specific application.

However, the ideal material for its main parts and components is stainless steel.

It exhibits suitable features for a piece of food-processing equipment in many aspects.

For instance, stainless steel offers anti-bacterial features, which is vital since food processing and handling in maintaining hygienic standards.

Besides, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain stainless steel material.

Of course, this is a necessary element in food processing and handling because it enhances food safety and hygiene.

Moreover, stainless steel material portrays better corrosion resistance.

It means it can withstand corrosive materials such as chemical spillage without rusting or wearing out.

Also, this material has better endurance to heat, which is vital since the biscuit formation process in this equipment entails significantly high temperatures.

What Factors Must You Consider When Buying Biscuit Making Machine?

When shopping for biscuit forming equipment, it is imperative to look into several elements to get a suitable choice.

Ordinarily, carrying out due diligence makes it easy for you to figure out all the necessary information regarding a suitable biscuit maker.

Some fundamental factors to always consider when purchasing this unit include the following;

  • The equipment size based on the available workspace
  • Usability and ease of troubleshooting
  • Power rating
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Automation level; Fully-automatic or semi-automatic
  • Structural and technical specifications
  • Material of the main parts and components
  • Safety features
  • Cost and availability of main parts and components
  • Buying cost
  • Aftersales customer experience
  • Production capacity
  • Durability
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • Manufacturer/ Brand

What Are The Fundamental Safety Measures To Consider When Operating Biscuit Making Machine?

A typical biscuit forming machine integrates numerous safety elements, which are important in protecting the machine and operator.

Essentially, this is imperative because it creates an ideal safe surrounding, which actuates peace of mind and throughput.

Even so, it is important to observe extra safety processes when using this equipment to make biscuits.

Such safety measures include the following;

  • Always stay alert at all times when using this equipment by being mindful and aware of potential dangers within the machine and environment.
  • Never at any point attempt to stop the machine using any part of your body. The machine has respective stop buttons for different parameters.
  • Confirm that all removable parts and components of the machines like grills are fit correctly before you start operating it.
  • Take regular breaks when operating this machine to enable you to stay focused and maintain alertness.
  • Never seek any shortcuts in operating the biscuit making machine. Follow and stick to the procedures as stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • Always wear relevant safety gear when operating this equipment.

They are important in protecting you from inevitable dangers such as electric shock and chemical spillage among others.

  • Only operate machine if you are certain you understand how to control the parameters.

You can always refer to the user manual if you doubt or are unaware of a particular procedure.

Does Biscuit Making Machine Support Continuous Production?


The design construction of this equipment features a production line that enables it to support uninterrupted production.

In essence, each component in this equipment plays a particular role in the biscuit making process.

What’s needed is adjusting the various systems and mechanisms of the production line to conform to the specifications of this unit.

Mostly, the integration process takes place by connecting and synchronizing this machine with other systems through the conveyor belt.

But it is necessary to establish whether the specific model is compatible with the existing production line before attempting this integration.

What Are The Main Quality Standards Certification For Biscuit Making Machine?

Biscuit making machines always undergo various quality standards assessments by various authorized certification agencies.

These agencies are quite several; thus, the specific quality standard for this machine often depends on a target market.

In many instances, these standards certifications are usually ratified at national, regional, and international levels.

Nonetheless, the widely acceptable universal quality standard certification for this equipment include the following;

Food and Drug Administration

FDA is an American-based quality standard certification agency tasked with public health protection by testing and authorizing various food manufacturing and handling equipment.

ASTM International

This agency is responsible for formulating and publishing various voluntary consensus technical specifications for different materials and equipment.

CE certification

It is an administrative quality certification mark approving the manufacturer’s confirmation that the machine complies with safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

Commonly known as RoHS, it is a quality standard reaffirming proportion of harmful substances difficult to dispose of.

It ensures the equipment or material contains an ideal ratio of restricted substances that can hardly be hazardous.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices

cGMP is a quality standard certification confirming the manufacturing process of the equipment conformed to recommended guidelines.

Thus, this certification shows that the equipment is safe and to use for making the respective food products.

What Is The Standard Production Capacity Of A Typical Biscuit Making Machine?

There is no definite production volume of a biscuit making machine.

In essence, it depends on several factors, such as the technical specifications of the unit and size.

A small to medium-scale unit has relatively less production capacity than one designed for industrial production.

You can find the former with an average production volume of 50-100Kg/hr.

However, an ideal industrial biscuit forming equipment has a capacity of at least 200 kg/hr.

Some machines have a capacity of more than 4000 kg/hr.

Simply put, the exact production quantity of this machine varies based on several factors as mentioned above.

But it is advisable to choose the ideal one depending on your specific production demands.

What Is The Cost Of Biscuit Making Machine?

It is dependent on a host of factors.

One of the main factors is user preference, given the manufacturers of this equipment usually incorporate different customization ideas.

Essentially, this depends on what you deem suitable as far as your production demands are concerned.

Another cost-determinant factor is the particular brand you are buying.

Some companies are relatively expensive than others based on their popularity and positioning in the market.

Technically, some brands are perceived to be reliable thus tend to be more expensive than less known models.

Cost is also determined by the actual size of the biscuit making machine you are buying.

Often, bigger units tend to be more expensive than relatively smaller units.

Also, the specific technical specifications of a particular biscuit forming equipment you are purchasing determine the price.

Ordinarily, a model with superior specifications such as high production capacity will be more expensive than vice versa.

And most importantly, the specific material used for making the main parts and components of the equipment also determines the actual price.

Other factors influencing the cost of this equipment include the following;

  • Additional equipment
  • Automation level
  • Power rating
  • Number of units you are purchasing

In a nutshell, there is no definite price for a biscuit making machine.

It varies based on numerous factors, including the few ones explained herein.

What Are The Safety Features For Automatic Biscuit Making Machine?

Different biscuit forming equipment are installed with various safety features.

In essence, you may find some safety features in one model that are not necessarily in a different model.

Even so, the common safety features you can always find in most of these units include the following;

Interlock Switches

They are designed to relay control system signals to stop emergencies, particularly when there is a missing part.

Ideally, these switches are vital in determining the mechanical guards, which separate you from the potential danger when operating the unit.


It is a safety feature systematically designed to hold up the machine once it detects any form of malfunction.

Ordinarily, an immobilizer sends the equipment into limp mode, which is vital in preventing further damage.

Sensing Screen

The design of this safety feature is to protect the operator from injuries and the machine from damage.

It guards the machine’s access points by forming the perimeter barrier.

Safety Controller

It is a unit regulating and monitoring various safety and non-safety input devices.

Ideally, it provides safe stop and starts functions for easy operation of the equipment.

Emergency stop Controls

Enables you to instantly halt the equipment from running by pressing or pushing the button accordingly.

Should You Buy Used Or Brand New Biscuit Making Machine?

Buying a used biscuit making machine comes with a host of risks ranging from reliability, safety, and functionality issues.

It is difficult to determine the actual condition of a used machine since you’ve hardly been monitoring its service and repair records.

Thus, purchasing a brand new biscuit forming machine is the ideal approach to take.

It guarantees you a return on investment since it exhibits efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Moreover, a brand new biscuit making machine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is essential, especially for a newbie.

You also get aftersales customer support from the manufacturer if you encounter technical challenges when using the machine.

Therefore, always go for a brand new biscuit making machine when looking for one.

Can You Make Different Biscuits Shapes Using A Single Biscuit Making Machine?


Most modern biscuit making machines are automated and come with features allowing you to create different biscuit shapes and sizes simultaneously.

What you require is to have different molds made of different shapes, patterns, and sizes.

You will also need to adjust the machine’s settings to ensure it conforms to the respective molds at each station.

What Are The Suitable Maintenance Practices For Biscuit Making Machine?

Maintaining this equipment is integral given that it is used for making food-related products.

Thus, keeping it in right shape enhances its efficiency by reducing possible downtime.

It also increases the overall durability of most critical and contact parts.

Some approaches you can use to maintain this component include the following;

  • Always lubricate the moving parts of this machine using recommended lubricant products. It enhances smooth operation.
  • When troubleshooting this component, use the appropriate diagnostic tools and address the problem systematically.
  • Clean the surfaces of this equipment thoroughly after use to prevent them from rusting and subsequently wearing out faster.
  • Disinfect the contact surfaces using recommended products to prevent any possible bacterial build-up.

How Do You Make Center-Filled Biscuits Using Biscuit Making Machine?

Making center-filled biscuits requires a machine that has depositors.

Once you have this equipment, you need to set depositors such that they fill the ingredients to a particular quantity within a predetermined speed.

center filled biscuit

center filled biscuits

You can also use the biscuit making machine to center-fill the biscuits with numerous ingredients.

Simply put, making center-filled biscuits is somewhat a straightforward process if you are using a machine with depositors.

What Elements Make Automatic Biscuit Making Machine Superior To Semi-Automatic Biscuit Making Machine?

Since technology is constantly advancing, choosing a fully automatic biscuit making machine turns out to be a better option than a semi-automatic unit.

automatic biscuit making machine

Automatic biscuit making machine

Factors making automatic machine better than semi-automatic one include the following;

  • Guaranteed reliability, efficiency, and accuracy in the biscuit making process improving overall product quality.
  • Rapid and increased production capacity since most parameters of this machine are fully automated.
  • Exemplary user-friendliness given most parameters are integrated with a human-machine interface for easy interpretation and control.
  • Guaranteed safety protocols since it features a wide range of safety elements safeguarding the machine’s operation.
  • Relatively easy to troubleshoot and maintain, reducing unnecessary downtime and increasing production capacity.

What Is The Importance Of Factory Acceptance Test When Buying Biscuit Making Machine?

Factory acceptance test (FAT) is an important process to both the buyer and seller of this machine in many aspects, such as follows;

  1. It makes it easy to determine whether the equipment is faulty and how the faults can be addressed before leaving the factory.
  2. As a buyer, FAT makes it possible for you to determine whether the equipment meets the required technical specifications.
  3. It saves time and resources you’d otherwise incur if you choose to fix any mechanical or structural faults on-site.
  4. FAT provides an in-depth review ensuring all vital safety concerns of the equipment are addressed before it leaves the company.
  5. It makes it easy to determine the responsible party between the buyer and the seller liable for the faults detected in the machine.
  6. Generally, it enhances the efficiency, reliability, performance, safety, and credibility of the biscuit forming machine.

Is Biscuit Making Machines Assembled Onsite Or In Factory?

It largely depends on the specific type of biscuit-making machine you are buying.

Ordinarily, this equipment comes in different sizes, and some are quite gigantic.

Relatively big biscuit making equipment are usually assembled on-site because it is convenient and cost-effective to do so.

However, small or compact machines for making biscuits are assembled in factories.

Mostly, they are easy to transport, thus the need to assemble them in factory.

Simply put, the decision to assemble this equipment onsite or in factory is mostly based on its exact size.

Nevertheless, you can inquire from the particular manufacturer to determine whether they offer onsite or factory assembly for their respective units.

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