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Automatic Capsule Counting Line

This capsule counting line comes with everything you need to get your hard gelatin capsules #5 ~ #00 bottling line up and running. it is designed to bottle 80 bottle/min.

  • Line Number: 15010
  • Automation: Automatic,In-Line
  • Bottles Per Minute: Up to 80 Bottles/min
  • Staff Needed: 2-3

Machines Included:

  • Bottle Unscrambler,
  • Tablet&Capsule Counter,
  • Desiccant Inserter-Sack,
  • Automatic Paper Inserter,
  • Automatic In-Line Capper,
  • Aluminum Foil Sealer

Automatic Capsule Counting Line

Capsule Counting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your capsule filling process will not be complete without an efficient capsule counting machine.

And in today’s guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the capsule counting machine.

So, before you invest in a new machine, read this guide.

How Much Does the Capsule Counting Machine Cost?

The cost of purchasing a capsule counting machine will vary according to the type 0f machine that you purchase.

Capsule counting machines of high quality, will cost you more than those of low quality.

Apart from that, the level of technology on the capsule counting machine will also drive the price higher.

Generally, the cost of the capsule counting machines often ranges between 700 to 11000 dollars.

Capsule counting machine

Capsule counting machine

What are the Main Verifications Processes for the capsule Counting Machine?

Well, after purchasing your capsule counting equipment, you must ensure that they work well with the manufacturer.

After the verification process, you will receive a clearance certificate as soon as you complete every verification step.

Here are the three main verification steps that your machine has to pass through.

· Factory Acceptance Verification Test

The factory assessment test (FAT) is the first verification process that you will have to conduct.

Here, you will ensure that the capsule counting machine is in the right condition before it leaves the factory.

· Installation Acceptance Verification Test

After completing the verification at the factory level, you will transport the machine to the installation site.

At this point, you will perform another verification process to ensure that machine is still in order.

The verification step will also take place after the completion of the installation process.

After a successful verification process, you will receive a verification document before proceeding to the next step.

· User Acceptance Verification Test

This is the final test that the manufacturer will perform in your presence to ensure that the machine works well.

It involves processing or in this case, counting of the capsules in accordance to the customers specifications.

As the user, you will only accept the capsule counting machine after full verification through the above processes.

What are the benefits of Using the Capsule Counting Machine?

The automatic counting machine count numerous numbers of capsules in a very short period.

Apart from the main benefit, here are other benefits of using the automatic capsule counting machine:

· Easy Maintenance Process

The process of maintaining the capsule counting machine is quite simple and straightforward.

Yu will spend very little time and money in the process of maintaining the capsule counting machine.

· Robust Construction

The machine has a robust design and structure due to the manufacturing process.

Its robust nature will add more weight and increase the stability of the machine throughout the counting process.

· Safe to Use

The machine has numerous safety features in place that will protect you in case of any accidents during the counting process,

It will automatically shut down in the face of danger thus preventing the occurrence of accidents.

· Cost Effective

Despite the fact that the initial investment might be high, you will enjoy the benefits of the machine in the long run.

You will spend less on maintenance of the machine coupled with higher capacity of production.

· Remote Control Technology

You can also control the capsule counting machine from a remote area using the capsule counting machine.

All you have to do is set it up appropriately and then proceed to controlling it from a different location.

· Easy Adaptability

You will deploy the machine to different locations due to the size and adaptability of the capsule counting machine.

· High Levels of Durability

You will use the capsule counting machine for a very long time due to the high levels of durability.

Manufacturers use high quality materials such as galvanized stainless steel to make the capsule counting machine.

Do the Capsule Counting Machines have any Limitations?

Unfortunately, when using the capsule counting machine, you may experience a few hitches.

Here are some of the disadvantages that you may experience while using the capsule counting machine.

· Varying Designs are Confusing

There are quite a number of capsule counting machines with different designs.

You may confuse the mode of operation for the different types of capsule counting machine designs.

· Sensor Errors Due to Accumulation of Dust

The sensors on your machine may also become problematic due to accumulation of too much dust on the sensors.

This may render the counting of the capsules using the capsule counting machine inaccurate.

· High Investment Cost

You will have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase an automatic capsule counting machine.

Apart from that, the numerous designs will also force you to undergo training on how best to operate the machine.

What are the main Quality Specifications for the Capsule Counting Machine?

It is very important that you purchase capsule counting machines of very high quality.

When purchasing the capsule counting machines, here are the main quality specifications to consider.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Specifications
  • CE Quality Specifications (for health quality compliance)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Specifications
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Specifications

Why do you need Capsule Counting Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry?

You need the capsule counting machine in the pharmaceutical industry to count capsules.

Apart from that, you can use the capsule counting machine to count other pharmaceutical products.

With the right adjustments, you will be able to count the following pharmaceuticals.

  • Tablets of different colors and sizes
  • Syringes
  • Vials
  • Ampoules

What are the Main Parts of the Automatic Capsule Counting Machine?

Capsule counting machines is a conglomerate of different parts that perform different functions.

Here are the main parts of the capsule counting machine that you should take note of.

· PLC Control System’

In an automatic capsule counting machine, you must have a PLC control panel with a human machine interface.

You will depend on the control system to control all the operations of the machine.

· Hopper System

This is the part of the machine where you will place the capsules that you intend to count.

It comes complete with hopper feeder, hopper trays, and hopper sensors that control the number of capsules.

· Transport System

The transport system consists of the conveyor belt and the guide rails among other things.

This unit is instrumental in the process of moving the capsules from one station to the next.

It also has a motor which ensures that the conveyor belt is in constant motion to transport capsules.

· Rejection System

The rejection system on the machine will get rid of the capsules that have damages and dents on them.

· Counting Unit

This part consists of several components such as sensors and cameras that assist in the counting of capsules.

The sensors will detect the presence of a capsule regardless of the speed a which the capsules move.

The cameras are instrumental in photoelectric sensing as well as counting of the capsules.

How Does an Automatic Capsule Counting Machine Work?

An automatic capsule counting machine will accurately determine the quantity of capsules.

Here is a step by step process on how the automatic capsule counting machine works.

· Programming the Machine

First, you will have to program the machine by keying in the right production specifications.

Apart from that, you must also ensure that you prepare the machine well and load the capsules into the hopper.

You can depend on an integrated system that will supply the hopper with the capsules from the capsule manufacturing machine.

The hopper also has sensors that will control the amount of capsule it can hold at a particular time.

· Counting Process

The machine will regulate the number of capsules going through the hopper, thus making the counting easier.

The capsule will move through the hopper and onto the feeder trays with proper control on the capsule levels.

After that, the capsules will gradually move through vibrations onto the conveyor belt.

Once on the conveyor belt, the sensors of the machine will detect the presence of capsules.

Depending on the type of machine, the counter might also employ the photoelectric concept to assist in proper counting.

As the capsules move it will also detect the unfit capsules and reject them out of the counting all together.

The photoelectric sensors will ensure that it captures all the fit capsules passing through the conveyor belt.

The cameras will also record and help in the counting of the capsules as they move along the conveyor belt.

It will relay and record the information to the control panel where you will be monitoring the whole process.

Is there difference between Capsule Counting Machine and Tablet Counting Machine?

Yes, there is a difference between the capsule counting and tablet counting machine.

You will use the tablet counting machine to count tablets and the capsule counting machine to count capsules.

Can Capsule Counting Machine Count Tablets?

Yes, with proper modifications, you can use the capsule counting machine to count tablets.

You can also use an integrated machine that is capable of counting tablets and capsules.

How does Tablet Counting Machine Work?

In an integrated system, you will have the tablet manufacturing machine supplying the tablets to the counting machine.

Here is how the tablet counting machine takes over the process of counting the tablets.

Tablet counting machine

Tablet counting machine

· Reception of the Tablets

The tablet counting machine will receive the tablets from the tablet manufacturing machine through the hopper.

You must make some adjustments on the tablet counting machine such as adjusting space between vibrator and hopper.

Make sure that the adjustments you are making are in accordance to the size of the tablets you are counting.

In addition to that, make sure that you program the tablet counting machine according to the counting specifications.

· Counting the Tablets

As the tablets move from the feeding hopper, they will land on the conveyer belt which will guide them to the counting station.

With the help of the guiding rail, the tablets will move to the counting station on the conveyor belt.

As it moves, the machine also vibrates thus sorting the tablets accordingly.

The tablets will drop from the conveyor belt and pass through an infrared beam which will record the numbers.

The infrared beam has photoelectric sensors that will count all the tablets that pass through.

It will relay the information to the control panel where you will record the number of tablets.

Are there Manual Capsule Counting Machine?

Yes, there are manual capsule counting machines.

The manual capsule counting machine will purely depend on human labor to count the capsules.

Despite the fact that it is cheaper, you will have to spend more time counting the tablets.

Apart from that, it has very low levels of accuracy thus might give you inaccurate results.

What should you Consider when Buying Capsule Counting Machine?

There are specific factors that you have to look at before you purchase a capsule counting machine.

The specifications that you need to pay close attention to include:

Section of capsule counting machine

Section of capsule counting machine

· Quality Compliance

You must purchase capsule counting machines that comply to the right quality standards.

This will act as enough proof that the machine is safe and will also last a longer period before wearing out.

· Brand of the Capsule Counting Machine

You must also pay close attention to the brand of capsule counting machine you will purchase.

Make sure that you purchase from brands that have more referrals from other capsule manufacturing companies.

· Production Capacity

You must also look at the quantity of capsules that you produce within your capsule production facility.

You will need automated and bigger capsule counting machines in a larger capsule production company.

· Working Budget

You must also work within a particular budget which will dictate the type of capsule counting machine to purchase.

Unlimited budgets will afford you the best types of capsule counting machines in the market.

· Experience Levels

With higher levels of experience, you can easily operate technologically advanced capsule counting machines.

You should, therefore, purchase the capsule counting machine by looking at the the level of experience.

How Do You Troubleshoot the Capsule Counting Machine?

Well, there are instances in the counting operations of the machine where the machine may fail to perform optimally.

In such a case, you will identify the problems with the machine by troubleshooting the machine.

Here are some of the problems that the machine might face and how to solve them.

Automatic capsule counting machine

 Automatic capsule counting machine

· Capsule Jamming

Most of the jamming problems are a result of a very high speed.

You can control the speed of the capsule counting machine to eliminate the jamming problem.

· Inaccurate Positioning of Bottle Stand

The machine might also have the bottle stand being out of line due to inaccurate bottle timing.

You can sort this out by making changes on the dropper station of the capsule counting machine.

· Errors in Counting

You may realize that the machine is giving a lot of counting errors and inaccuracies.

Here, you will change the channels at the settle page and adjust the photoelectric time to milliseconds.

· Faulty Counting Sensors

The counting sensors can present a huge threat in counting of tablets due to accumulation of dust.

Cleaning the counting sensors and properly maintaining the machine will help solve the problem.

How do you Maintain Capsule Counting Machine?

You will need the capsule counting machine to serve you for a very long time.

Apart from purchasing high quality machines, you must do proper maintenance for increased durability.

The maintenance process of the capsule counting machine involves proper cleaning and lubricating the machine.

You should have a proper cleaning program that will guide you on the intervals of cleaning the capsule counting machine.

Here is a brief preview that you can follow to properly maintain the capsule counting machine.

1) Shutting Down the Entire System

First, you must shut down the whole capsule counting system and allow the machine to cool down.

You can do this during the odd hours of operation when the machine is at rest.

Shutting down the machine will also reduce the exposure to danger that you face when cleaning.

2) Dismantling the Machine

Here, you will remove the parts of the machine that hide more dirt and are often hidden.

This will expose the hidden parts and give you an easy time in the cleaning process of the machine.

3) Cleaning the Machine

You will use different materials such as water, detergents and a piece of cleaning rag to clean the machine well.

Make sure that you dust it off properly and scrub off the stubborn stains from the machine.

In case you use a lot of water, you have to dry off the water using a clean rag.

Apart from that, you must be careful not to affect the sensitive parts of the machine.

4) Replacing Worn Out Parts

Finally, you will also look at the worn-out parts of the machine and replace them with new parts.

After that, you will lubricate all the moving parts of the machine and then cover the machine.

Can You Integrate the Capsule Counting Machine to Capsule Filling Machine?

Yes, you can integrate the capsule counting machine to the capsule filling machine to have a complete line.

Capsule filling machines

Capsule filling machines

In a complete line, the capsule counting machine will count the number of tablets to fill in different containers.

With the help of the complete line, you will be able to count and fill the capsules in different containers.

This will make work easier and will also save on a lot of time.

Why Purchase a Capsule Counting Machine that is CE Compliant?

Capsule counting machines that are CE compliant prove that the machine is safe for use.

CE certification or CE mark of quality on the capsule counting machine confirms that the machine meets health regulations.

Implying that you can use the machine without worry of contamination of your health systems.

Apart from that, CE compliance also mean that you can use the machine in any country within the EU.

What are the User Requirement Specifications of the Capsule Counting Machine?

The user requirement specifications are documents that you will use to communicate to your capsule counting machine manufacturer.

In the document, you will specify how you would like your capsule counting machine to operate.

Here are some of the details that you must include in a user requirement specifications document.

  • Design of the Capsule Counting Machine
  • Inspection and Testing Protocol of the Capsule Counting Machine
  • Responsibilities of Different Parties (Involved in the manufacture and operation of the machine)
  • Quality Standardization Procedures

Which Industries Use the Capsule Counting Machines?

You can use the capsule counting machine in different industries that make products in the form of capsules.

Here are some of the industries that use the capsule counting machine.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

You will use the capsule counting machine in the pharmaceutical industry to count different type of medicinal capsules.

It is important to know the number of capsules you are producing due to the significance of medicine in human health.

· Nutraceutical Industry

In the nutraceutical industry, you will use the capsule counting machine to determine the number of capsules.

Nutraceuticals are very important in boosting the health and nutrition at various points in the human life.

That is the reason why you have to have the correct number by using the capsule counting machine.

· Food Processing Industry

Well, in the food industry, there are particular types of foods that you will deliver in the form of capsules.

To know the right number of capsules, you will count them using the capsule counting machine.

· Chemical Engineering Industry

The delivery of chemical substances is also possible through packages in the form of capsules.

In that case, you will use the capsule counting machine to count the number of chemical capsules.

In short, with high quality capsule counting machine, you will improve on efficiency and reliability of your capsule filling process.

You can contact SaintyCo now for the best quality and affordable capsule and tablet counting machines.

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