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MLP-480Y Multi-Lane Side Sealing Bag Liquid Packing Machine

MLP-480Y Multi-Lane Side Sealing Bag Liquid Packing Machine


Suitable to pack liquid or paste materials, such as shampoo, ketchup, jelly, sauce, etc.

Standard Features:

  • Famous brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;
  • Advanced design, high precision and fast speed;
  • No film alarm, saving materials and no wasting film;
  • Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film.

Technical specificationMLP-480YMLP-720YMLP-960Y
Packing lanes4-6 lanes4-10 lanes4-12 lanes
CapacityMax. 40 bags/lane/min
Bag sizeL: 45-120mm                     W: 35-60mmL: 45-120mm                 W: 35-90mmL: 45-120mm           W: 35-120mm
Film widthMax. 480mmMax. 720mmMax. 960mm
Film thickness0.05-0.1mm
Sealing type4 sides sealing
Power2.8Kw, 1N + PE/ 50Hz/ AC220V4.1Kw, 1N + PE/ 50Hz/ AC220V5.5Kw, 1N + PE/ 50Hz/ AC220V
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.8M3/min
Dimension (L x W x H)950 x 1470 x 1750mm1153 x 1654 x 1750mm1415 x 1686 x 2130mm

MLP-480Y Multi Lane Side Sealing Bag Liquid Packing Machine

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